• 25. May, 2021.

At the restaurant

Great restaurants and memorable dining is an important part of the holiday experience. This is due to two reasons. First, the culture of creative food preparation, as well as presentation, became part of the destination’s offer. Second, food has always been an important part of any event, and in regards to traveling, it always meant meeting the culture and the tradition.

Going to the restaurants for Croatians more or less presented some kind of celebration, as family gatherings and those with friends were always located in the more secluded areas, at home, in the garden, or in the restaurant closed for everyone else. Of course, that does not mean going to the restaurants is rare, the difference is Croatians just like to do it on their own. 

Thanks to tourism, Mediterranean food, which was always valued as a high quality and healthy food got an opportunity to go one step ahead in regards to tradition, and present authentic Dalmatian meals our grandparents used to make and which for a short period of time almost got lost in the huge amount of modern cuisine novelties.

Happy to take back old customs, remember old recipes and present them in various ways, we can proudly say we offer authentic yet modern Mediterranean food.




So here are few things to know when you dine on the Adriatic coast.


You are probably wondering what is konoba?! Konoba is a place to eat. Today many restaurants will carry the name to highlight the tradition and authenticity of their recipes, even though konoba didn’t need one in the past. Konobas used to serve local wine, cheese, prosciutto… They had a simple offer and wide public. These were places to eat, drink, socialize, sing, play cards, make jokes and laugh. Today, konoba is somewhat different, but it still sets a relaxed atmosphere, offers traditional recipes and many interesting stories to tell.


Depending on your preference you can choose a restaurant or konoba, but the following few things will be part of each experience.




Fish is, naturally, the base of our cuisine. Most of the fish meals will be grilled fish or fish stew. Both delicious and both served in a traditional way. If you order a fish, have in mind you get the whole fish, and in case you would like to avoid that make sure you ask for a fish fille. On the other hand, if you decide to be adventurous and try the fish stew have in mind the similar. To be sure and to get a good recommendation, feel free to ask a waiter to help you out and to give you a clue on what to expect. In the end, he will know the best. He will probably be equally happy to recommend you a good glass of wine that goes well with your meal, but also to prepare you for a regular practice before and after the meal  - the grappa.

Famous Croatian digestive with a fairly high percentage of alcohol is a common start and the end of the meal. Every Croatian will swear to its benefits and convince you of the necessity of having one before and after the dinner.

Also, have in mind this is also a way to win a heart of a person who will take care of your good mood for the night. Try the grappa and say živili! Another way to win a hearth of a Croatian (and a good recommendation) is to order or say anything in Croatian. Every local will be happy to hear you speak, and even happier to teach you one more word or expression.


Dobar dan (good day) or dobra večer (good evening) is a good start.

Živili (cheers) is a great expression for short-term bonding, and hvala, or more locally fala (thank you) and laku noć (good night) is a proper way to say goodbye.




To add a bit more, in case you want to impress your waiter after he asks if everything was fine and if he can bring you anything else, you can say: “Odlično, taman" (excellent, just enough), or in case you just might a bit later #pomalo will say a lot :)


Chatting in Croatian and drinking grappa while learning about local cuisine can be a great experience, but have in mind the season is the most important part of the year for many locals, and working in a restaurant during the summer requires a lot of energy. Being in popular destinations offers great diversity, but it also brings more visitors. Sometimes the waiters will not have enough time to chat with you but they will give their best to make the overall experience and the atmosphere local, relaxed and memorable. You will probably remember them as loud, as people from the South often are. They don’t argue though, they just don’t have time to speak slowly, the orders are waiting!


As hectic as sometimes appear to be, going to the restaurants in Croatia can be a beautiful and unique experience, and if you’re lucky enough you might have the opportunity to enjoy a group of locals singing a capella, or to be even part of a chor. 


To enjoy the local village atmosphere and to enjoy the dinner overlooking the town are two completely different experiences, both unique in their own way. Being a gourmand or not can be important information when picking the restaurant or konoba, but being an explorer, an adventurer, and a risk-taker will make you sense Croatia in a totally different way ;)


Relax, explore and enjoy the meal.


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  • 04. Feb, 2021.

Back in shape

The famous 2020 left us all with a new lifestyle, new decisions, habits, and goals. For some of us, it enabled more free time and opportunity to be (even more) active, and for some of us, it meant refocusing our active energies on something else. That, of course, same as the year 2020 cannot last forever but can remind us that to stay healthy we need to recharge our batteries. One of the best ways to do that is – by riding a bike. Except it is a great way to have fun, explore and socialize, it is also one of the best ways to get back in shape or start getting into one.



How to start exercising every day - get started!


If you weren't too active recently it is a perfect time to hop on your bike and just start riding. Going to work, to the shop, or going to visit your friend few blocks away is so much better, and easier with a bike. It’s going to warm your muscles, remind them (hopefully) you've been fit once, and oxidize the body. You will breathe deeper and make your heart pump better.

Why cycling is the best low impact recreation for you?


Cycling causes less strain than other physical exercises and can be done at very low intensity, to begin with. Starting at a slow pace will increase your strength and stamina gradually and prepare your body for new challenges. Depending on your level of fitness you can adjust your speed, gears, and terrain to invest the exertion that suits you. This is why cycling is the best low impact recreation for you. Riding a bike will wake your entire organism without unnecessary disruption intense exercise can cause to your body. The level of difficulty becomes entirely your decision. Choose your pace and start to work out. Involving and strengthening all major muscle groups will improve your posture, joint mobility, and consequently, your riding skills.


The benefits of cycling


Lack of freedom, socializing, and traveling since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic made a huge impact on how we spend our free time. One of the very positive consequences of the pandemic is a huge increase in bike sales, and cycling in general. Joining in cycling activity created an opportunity for friends and families to spend some quality time outside. Cycling connects all age groups and makes trips more fun. It allows seeing and exploring far beyond the usual. Most importantly, cycling has a positive influence on one’s state of mind and general mood. It helps to reduce stress and everything that appears to be unnecessary.

And last but not least, cycling is eco-friendly activity and the most efficient mode of transportation. So, let’s support our planet and reduce our carbon footprint by enjoying this fun activity.




Do you know where to cycle 2021 yet?



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  • 01. Jul, 2021.

Bike fitting

Good bike fit is important for people who cycle on a regular basis, or they ride longer distances. If bike fit is done wrong or not at all, cycling can be uncomfortable. 

In next few lines we will introduce to you steps for proper bike fit.

Most important is the height of the seat. Adjusting seat height is done while raising or lowering seat post. 

How to check the seat height?
- Adjust the seat to the hip level (top of the seat just below hip)
- You should sit on the seat. Beginner rider should be able to slight touch the ground with his toes completely extended. Experienced rider should be just a few millimetres above the ground (while his toes are stretched)  

- Position the crank arms so they are vertical to the ground. Sit on the bike and place yourself in normal riding position (make sure you are holding the bike while guests are testing seat height). When your knee of your extended leg is slightly bent (guest has riding shoes on) this is proper riding position (in regard to the seat height). 

The knee should be centred over the axle of the pedal when crank is at 90 degrees. To adjust this, you can move seat forward or back. 

Next important adjustment is done with the handlebars, and it changes the reach. The general rule for adjusting handlebars is that they should be set above the height of the seat for a more upright and comfortable riding position, and below the height of the seat for a more forwarding-leaning, performance-oriented position. Position will depend on your preference and what you are comfortable with. If your reach is too close you will have cramped neck and shoulders and you should tilt/ lower the stem or move the seat back. 

If your reach is too far you will have strained neck and shoulders and, in this case, you should raise the stem or move the seat forward.


Happy cycling, 


Meridien Ten team 

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  • 12. Jan, 2021.

Biokovo mountain range

Biokovo belongs to the Dinaric mountain range that stretches from Istria to the border with Montenegro. In relief, Biokovo can be divided into three large units: the southern, coastal side, peak parts, and the continental slope with relief specifics.


The peak parts of Biokovo are characterized by sinkholes. In some, more spacious sinkholes, there are several smaller ones. The bottoms of some sinkholes are the beginning of pits of incredible depths, given that they are located above 1000 meters above sea level. Some are several hundred meters deep! In the central part of Biokovo, they appear as densely packed groups that dominate the terrain. They look like the craters of the moon and many could be fooled by the photo from this part of Biokovo for the location. The southern, coastal side is an area of ​​bare cliffs and rocks several hundred meters high. The bare stone cliffs on one side and the green flysch zone by the sea are a wonderful stone-green contrast that can only be seen and experienced on Biokovo.


Some of the pits hide eternal ice and snow. These are glacier pits.

This ice was extracted from the Biokovo natural glaciers by local people, Biokovo glaciers, for the needs of Makarska hotels before there was a refrigerator. Peasants made a living by selling ice to hotels, and guests drank drinks chilled by ice transported from unimaginable heights.The northern, continental side of the Biokovo differs significantly from the peak and coastal ones. Slightly here the slopes descend into the valleys and that side is green and wooded.

Biokovo is the stone border of two climates - Mediterranean and continental.

Their mild encounters, but also fierce clashes, create a special climate of Biokovo. Air masses from the sea penetrate along its coastal sides, over ridges and mountain peaks. The mountain peaks on the north side keep the penetration of cold masses from the interior of the continent, but also the Mediterranean currents into the interior.




Air masses from the mountains and the sea know the place of their final encounters and conflicts: it is Biokovo. This conflict is a consequence of frequent changes in the weather, which in the autumn period leads to the excretion of rain and snowfall, and in the winter to snowfall, which persists in the spring. The slope and the height and the direction of the mountainsides are also important for the climate, but also the geological composition of the soil and the vegetation cover. The forest here is a regulator of precipitation, winds, and heat. All this contributes to the diversity of the climate of Biokovo.


The paved road starting at the sea level in Makarska goes along Biokovo massif and takes you to Sv. Jure peak located at a height of 1762 meters. It is 30 km of pure bliss for proper road cycling enthusiasts. The average gradient is between 10% and 15%, providing you with spectacular views while you climb above the level of surrounding mountains and islands. Many times, our guests compare this ride with Mt. Ventoux and similar European epic classic climbs. 

Biokovo’s road to Sv. Jure is part of our Challenging cycling tour of Croatia




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