Back in shape

The famous 2020 left us all with a new lifestyle, new decisions, habits, and goals. For some of us, it enabled more free time and opportunity to be (even more) active, and for some of us, it meant refocusing our active energies on something else. That, of course, same as the year 2020 cannot last forever but can remind us that to stay healthy we need to recharge our batteries. One of the best ways to do that is – by riding a bike. Except it is a great way to have fun, explore and socialize, it is also one of the best ways to get back in shape or start getting into one.



How to start exercising every day - get started!


If you weren't too active recently it is a perfect time to hop on your bike and just start riding. Going to work, to the shop, or going to visit your friend few blocks away is so much better, and easier with a bike. It’s going to warm your muscles, remind them (hopefully) you've been fit once, and oxidize the body. You will breathe deeper and make your heart pump better.

Why cycling is the best low impact recreation for you?


Cycling causes less strain than other physical exercises and can be done at very low intensity, to begin with. Starting at a slow pace will increase your strength and stamina gradually and prepare your body for new challenges. Depending on your level of fitness you can adjust your speed, gears, and terrain to invest the exertion that suits you. This is why cycling is the best low impact recreation for you. Riding a bike will wake your entire organism without unnecessary disruption intense exercise can cause to your body. The level of difficulty becomes entirely your decision. Choose your pace and start to work out. Involving and strengthening all major muscle groups will improve your posture, joint mobility, and consequently, your riding skills.


The benefits of cycling


Lack of freedom, socializing, and traveling since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic made a huge impact on how we spend our free time. One of the very positive consequences of the pandemic is a huge increase in bike sales, and cycling in general. Joining in cycling activity created an opportunity for friends and families to spend some quality time outside. Cycling connects all age groups and makes trips more fun. It allows seeing and exploring far beyond the usual. Most importantly, cycling has a positive influence on one’s state of mind and general mood. It helps to reduce stress and everything that appears to be unnecessary.

And last but not least, cycling is eco-friendly activity and the most efficient mode of transportation. So, let’s support our planet and reduce our carbon footprint by enjoying this fun activity.




Do you know where to cycle 2021 yet?