Biokovo mountain range

Biokovo belongs to the Dinaric mountain range that stretches from Istria to the border with Montenegro. In relief, Biokovo can be divided into three large units: the southern, coastal side, peak parts, and the continental slope with relief specifics.


The peak parts of Biokovo are characterized by sinkholes. In some, more spacious sinkholes, there are several smaller ones. The bottoms of some sinkholes are the beginning of pits of incredible depths, given that they are located above 1000 meters above sea level. Some are several hundred meters deep! In the central part of Biokovo, they appear as densely packed groups that dominate the terrain. They look like the craters of the moon and many could be fooled by the photo from this part of Biokovo for the location. The southern, coastal side is an area of ​​bare cliffs and rocks several hundred meters high. The bare stone cliffs on one side and the green flysch zone by the sea are a wonderful stone-green contrast that can only be seen and experienced on Biokovo.


Some of the pits hide eternal ice and snow. These are glacier pits.

This ice was extracted from the Biokovo natural glaciers by local people, Biokovo glaciers, for the needs of Makarska hotels before there was a refrigerator. Peasants made a living by selling ice to hotels, and guests drank drinks chilled by ice transported from unimaginable heights.The northern, continental side of the Biokovo differs significantly from the peak and coastal ones. Slightly here the slopes descend into the valleys and that side is green and wooded.

Biokovo is the stone border of two climates - Mediterranean and continental.

Their mild encounters, but also fierce clashes, create a special climate of Biokovo. Air masses from the sea penetrate along its coastal sides, over ridges and mountain peaks. The mountain peaks on the north side keep the penetration of cold masses from the interior of the continent, but also the Mediterranean currents into the interior.




Air masses from the mountains and the sea know the place of their final encounters and conflicts: it is Biokovo. This conflict is a consequence of frequent changes in the weather, which in the autumn period leads to the excretion of rain and snowfall, and in the winter to snowfall, which persists in the spring. The slope and the height and the direction of the mountainsides are also important for the climate, but also the geological composition of the soil and the vegetation cover. The forest here is a regulator of precipitation, winds, and heat. All this contributes to the diversity of the climate of Biokovo.


The paved road starting at the sea level in Makarska goes along Biokovo massif and takes you to Sv. Jure peak located at a height of 1762 meters. It is 30 km of pure bliss for proper road cycling enthusiasts. The average gradient is between 10% and 15%, providing you with spectacular views while you climb above the level of surrounding mountains and islands. Many times, our guests compare this ride with Mt. Ventoux and similar European epic classic climbs. 

Biokovo’s road to Sv. Jure is part of our Challenging cycling tour of Croatia