Chimneys of Lastovo

When someone mentions the island of Lastovo first thing that would be on your mind is crystal clear sea, secluded beaches, intact nature, delicious seafood, and not the chimney. Yes, you read it right, Lastovo is famous for its chimneys, or as we say Lastovski Fumari.


Throughout history life on the island was never easy and people were always helpful to each other even in the most difficult situations. On the other hand, they always wanted to prove that one family is better, smarter, or wealthier than the other family. On the island of Lastovo status symbol that presented wealth or ingenuity of the family and household was decorating unique and picturesque chimneys.


  Lastovo chimney   Village of Lastovo


The oldest house on the island was built in the 15 century, and from then onwards there are no equally built chimneys on the whole island.

Although the exterior design of the chimneys was different, the core construction design was similar. During windy and cold winters on the island, the fireplace was the central and most important place of the house.

Chimneys had to be functional and provide good ventilation between the fireplace and cold air on the outside.


Lastovo can be proud of its very distinctive and functional chimneys and construction genius.



Namely, the original Fumar (literally the chimney) has a circular cross-section in the flue of the chimney, with a cylindrical extension (cap) and a conical top of the cap. The most important thing is that such a smoke cap had the function of protecting the house from possible fires caused by vertical drafts in the chimney, which ordinary smoke caps on steep terrain cannot prevent. Its round shape always creates a vacuum from the winds from all directions, which sucks the smoke out of the fireplace.


The functionality of Lastovo chimneys is not questionable, but their beauty and uniqueness as well as the story that lies behind make Lastovo one of the most attractive and interesting places to visit.