Hand signals

When it comes to safe biking you should obey some rules. First and foremost, always wear your helmet. The second important rule is to be predictable. When in a group, always ride in a single file. Don't ride side by side. If your group is formed of 4 or more people cycling together, you should spread out and make few smaller groups so that cars can easily overtake these groups. Namely, it is much easier to overtake 2 cyclists than a group of 6.


When riding in a group, you should always talk to each other and use hand and voice signals. For instance, if you want to stop, raise your hand aside and give an audible signal: „I'm stopping“. Even if the riders behind you hear only „stopping“, that would be enough. Namely, most bikers end up taking pictures during their rides in Croatia. It is not uncommon that they forget to warn other members of their group that they are stopping to snap a shot. This is a common mistake because if another biker behind is also looking aside they can easily hit each other and cause an accident. This situation can be avoided if everyone stopping shouts or makes an audible sound: STOPPING! The similar goes for other vocal cues such as: „Turning“, „Car back“, „Car front“ and so forth.


Take possession of narrow roads.
Use hand signal before the turn.


Avoid pulling too hard on the front brake lever. Brake smoothly! Hard braking is a common cause of cycling injuries. This can cause the brakes to lock and the rider to fall over the handlebars. Moreover, if there is a hazard on the road, you should point your right index finger at hazards. Those right behind you may not see the pothole or rock in front of you and they will go right into it unless you point it to them. Furthermore, by using your hands to point that you are turning left or right you will be safer on the road. Moreover, cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles will take you more seriously if you take possession of narrow roads. This means that you should not ride a bike on the far right side of the road because in this case, other vehicles will regard you just as another pedestrian. If you take possession of the road by riding about 14-18 inches from the edge of the pavement, other vehicles will be forced to wait for clearance before they try to overtake you. You should also pay attention to parked cars since the occupants can open the doors at any time.


These and other rules will make your riding experience in Croatia carefree.


Last but not the least, do not forget that in Croatia driving is on the right side of the road, that there is no turning on red and that right of way in roundabouts is for those in the traffic circle.


Always ride a single file.


Don’t wear headphones. You need to hear what’s going on around you.
Always wear brightly colored clothing. It is harder for motorists to see you if you are dressed in dark or dull colors.  Fluorescent fabrics markedly increase your visibility to other road users.

When in doubt, walk.  If a hill looks too steep or a curve too tricky, get off.

If you are not in a good shape, it is always better to spin faster rather than ride in hard gear thinking you will reach your destination or climb the hill faster. When pedaling hard your muscles get cramps, you lose your power faster, and probably will not recover enough for tomorrow’s ride!


Take care of yourself and others and enjoy your cycling holidays!