Is it summer yet? Season update


Let's start with the breaking news – travel to Europe is officially in sight. European Commission announced that American travelers who have been vaccinated will be able to visit the EU this summer. If we look in more detail, Croatia is open to visitors since April 1st,2021. To enter Croatia, you need to have one of the following;

  • A negative PCR or rapid antigen test result not older than 48h
  • Vaccination certificate (with its second dose (if needed) received more than 14 days prior)
  • Presentation of positive PCR test, performed in previous 180 days and older than 11 days from the date of arrival.


But here I want to stop writing about numbers, test names, dates, deadlines, and so on…

The whole world situation in the last year created some positive changes. In Split, my hometown there are so many foreigners since the beginning of this year. Travel nomads and ex-pats mostly. (Croatia introduced VISA for travel nomads in 2021). It is so nice to see foreign people mingling with locals, at the market, in the local shops and doing activities they normally do. I do love and want to preserve the Dalmatian culture and tradition, but it needs a little bit of “refreshment”. Travel nomads and ex-pats are not leaving a big (negative) impact on the local community, actually, they want to assimilate with the community but still, their behavior is slightly different, so they do add a bit of the “spice” to the whole scene and make local people interested in different things and cultures. Think globally, act locally!! Open minded globetrotter Dalmatians J!





In hopes for the bright future ahead, we are preparing for the upcoming season. Vans and bikes are being serviced, we have a new fleet of Cannondale Carbon Di2 (state of the art) road bikes, guides are checking out the routes, we are slowly receiving requests and bookings, mostly starting from June. We do see an increase in private travel, which was to be expected and we are ready! During our downtime (almost 1 year) we created a few different but great active, adventure, and cultural tours for families or a group of friends. From “proper” road cycling to summer sea-based activity tours.





We are ready and really looking forward to this summer. Join us and beside beautiful nature, culinary specialties, history let us show you how Dalmatians transformed in globe trotters without leaving their country.