Klapa - traditional Dalmatian singing

Customs of Dalmatia 

Try to imagine hot summer day, with the fresh breeze and group of friends located inside the small alley or square of the ancient island town, in the shade where you have great acoustics. Friends spending time together and singing about life, sea, love, wine, Dalmatia…. 


Topics of the songs usually are simple but if we translate literally from Croatia – they do have power, meaning most of the people who respect and who know the Dalmatian and Mediterranean tradition can relate to them. 


Klapa, or acapella singing is mostly performed without any instruments, but there is always first and second tenor as well as baritone and bass (voice). Sometimes mandolin can accompany the song. It is inscribed in Unesco Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  


Now we will stop writing so you can enjoy video  

Klapa Tragos – Dalmatino, poviscu pritrujena



Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena
(Ljubo Stipišić Delmata)


Pute, laze pizon dubli tovari
Gustirne žedne, mijun sići i lati
Konkulana škina težakov od motik
Po žurnatin, žurnatin pritrujena

Prage kalet žnjutin dubli puntari
Naboj dalmatine rebati na drači
Kroz kadene dicu čičan pasli
A judi driti ka kolone
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Intradu pravice s tilin štrukali
Rod puntarski resa na drači
Ditinstvon gladnin povist štukali
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena