Meeting the challenges and delivering opportunities


The best way to start this blog is to quote Norie Quintos, editorial consultant and editor at National Geographic Travel: “Old travel was to escape the world; new travel will be to engage the world”.


It is about 1 year since the pandemic was declared and overnight our everyday routine changed, almost completely. In the beginning, here at our office, we were thinking the crisis will last for a couple of months, maybe till the summer, and then it will be over. Oh, how wrong we were. Restrictions, changes of restrictions, numbers, numbers, more numbers, percentages, countries closing their borders, flights being canceled, lockdowns, and many more new regulations which simply said take away one’s freedom. Not normal for the modern times we are living in. Most of us in the company are old enough to remember (or have experienced) the last war that happened here in the 90ies, unfortunately. These 2 situations are very similar. But let’s not talk about the past…


It is about 7 months since we in the company started to adapt to the new situation in the travel business. Thinking and discussing new products; what can we make better, safety, can we implement new products which are in line with new travel standards, how can we use our local know-how… We took the challenge, reviewed the past, and started to think in new ways. It felt really good to be productive again.


The birth of an idea...
 The execution of an idea...


The pause in everyday work gave us time to publish and start to promote some of the new products which were created. Also, we realized our existing product range (one of our company’s mission statements) is mostly heading in the direction which probably will be required for near-future travel; small group tours, spending time in the open areas, the privacy of private home or villa, offering private departures and self-guided tours. We started to see things from a different perspective. Due to still uncertain times for travel, we definitely had to work on flexible terms and conditions as well as cancelation fees. In the year 2020, in the year when traveling and our everyday work routine stopped, we finally had time to spread the word about tours and products we were providing for many years but never had time to promote it. Travel in a bubble, custom tours, tailor-made tours, family travel… there are many names for it.


 Working on feet...
 & seeing things from a different perspective.


So, here is for the brighter future and normal life we are all looking for. After almost 1 year without any inquiries for travel to Croatia, we started to chat and email with travelers again. What a nice feeling that is. There is still a lot of uncertainty in regard to traveling but we are here for you and will do our best to support you. We believe the world will meet the reward of more responsible and sustainable travel in the near future and demystify a new normal life paradigm. 


Same as you, we can’t wait to get out there; on the sea, whether on Stand up paddle, sailing or on a motor yacht, feel the summer breeze, get on the bike and cycle while experiencing sights, smells, tastes (of that grilled fish and local wine), speaking with locals and learning new phrases.




Dalmatian coast and islands; the area where we are based and are specialized for is largely dependent on tourism. I am sure all of our providers are eager to welcome you so let’s engage the world once it is safe again! Hopefully, it will be soon!


Until then,




Andro Tartaglia