• 19. Jan, 2021.

Picigin in Split

Picigin has a tradition of playing in Split for 100 years! In recent history, the game has evolved to true sporting proportions, forming the first open-air competitions such as the World Cup. In addition to the sports side, picigin is much more noticeable as social entertainment that connects people every day. Our guide, Mijo Bebic when not training or working (actually some people consider this game as a serious exercise and training) spends time playing picigin on Bacvice beach. The goal of this game is to impress the watchers by keeping the ball dry while doing crazy stunts in shallow water.


Regardless of the season, it provides immeasurable satisfaction to its lovers. Winter does not really mean swimming in the sea, but at Bačvice beach, because of the everyday picigin, you will always see people ready to joke and play in Christmas and New Year’s attire that gives an incredible contrast of summer spirit in the winter environment.


Check out the gallery of Christmas picigin;




Mijo in his "zone"








Besides picigin you can play na male branke - balun! Football




Mr. Julio in action 




At the Bacvice beach 




Vedran Segvic - famous Split photo chronologist. All photos on this post belong to Vedran and we want to thank him for letting us use them and thank him for good work of capturing the real beauty of Split 

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  • 20. Nov, 2020.

Private Villa Experiences in Croatia

The changes the world has experienced in 2020 awakened the imagination of our product team. During the quiet period of spring 2020, the team was busy collecting information and preparing logistics to support our new service – Private Villa Experiences. 

We handpicked the best villas and private accommodation that are offered along the entire Croatian coast and added our own touch. Since we are an outdoor and active travel company, we place our main focus on activities that include cultural, historical and gastronomical adventures all over Croatia. Besides a fantastic and relaxing stay in your own private oasis, we are happy to organize for you a wide range of services in order to take you to all these fantastic spots. We provide top quality bikes (and overall support such as guides, transportation), we can hike/walk, we can use private boats (motor or sailing) for island hopping. We can even bring chefs to your villa, if you wish to learn to prepare delicious Mediterranean meals! If you want to do yoga each morning let us find you the best teachers, if you need entertainment and care for your kids and babies, if you want to have cultural guides for visits to historical sites – we have it covered for you! 


For inspiration see some of our examples below;


  Island Korčula 
  Island Vis 
  Island Korčula 
  Center of Split town 
  Marjan hill  - Split 


Use our expertise and local knowledge to add special bonus to your vacation. Some of the experiences we provide:


  • Cycling – from simple bike rental to supported tours 
  • Hiking/Walking – self guided or supported/guided
  • Sup, sea kayaking, sailing, diving and other water-based activities – daily or weekly excursions 
  • Care and entertainment of kids – babysitter services, excursions and activities for the small ones 
  • Yoga classes 
  • Culinary experiences 
  • Yachting – motor or sailing boat excursions and transfers 
  • Cultural sightseeing, guides and various visits 
  • Travel planning assistance, airport transfers 



Of course, you can just relax with your family and friends in the privacy of your “home away from home”. 

For more info do not hesitate to contact us. 




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  • 19. Nov, 2020.

Road trip from Mallorca to Split, July 2020

For the last 4-5 years, our director Andro spends his days on Mallorca and in Split, Croatia. It was March 2020 when everything changed (in Europe) and Andro was caught in the lockdown on Mallorca. 5 months later he departs for a road trip from Mallorca back to Split;


For the last 5 years I spend my time in Split and on the island of Mallorca. I was flying between Mallorca and Croatia every couple of months and this was relatively easy and cheap with all the low-cost airlines that exist in Europe.  If I find good connection, it is usually 2 flights and about 5h of total traveling.  In March 2020 I was supposed to fly again from Mallorca to Croatia. Few days before the departure I received an email – my flight is cancelled. Ok, no problem – I just continued to work online as I usually do while in Spain. But the things were getting worse, as I guess you all know. Sometime in June, when we realized there will not be much traveling (and work for us in Croatia) I slowly started to focus on some other things which were not work related. Baby Gina has 2 years, and spending time with her was of biggest importance. Lockdown in Spain was extremely strict. We were not really allowed to go outside for leisure activities, there were no kinder gardens opened and baby Gina was locked inside 4 walls for 2 months.  Once we were allowed to take babies and kids out – we were out, by the sea, in the forest, on the bike.. She was happy (and so was I)!! But then, I still had some free time so I used my work experience to create (and dream whilst creating) a perfect family road trip (or our return to Croatia). This was the formula: 

  • Find great mountain bike routes in France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia
  • Find great hiking routes for the whole family in the same location 
  • Find easier cycling routes for the family (in the same area) 
  • Find a place for the campervan
  • Find great restaurants 
  • Find interesting attractions 
  • Find parks where Gina can have FUN 


It took maybe 2 weeks to plan all of this and it included a lot of google maps (and that yellow guy from google maps) and other bike route mapping apps, youtube videos, various blogs and reviews and reports, driving and campervan apps, gps tracks creation...

Finally, when the departure day arrived, our fully equipped PEGGY campervan and we left the island of Mallorca. 


This was our route; 



  • Village Sospel, Alpes Maritimes, France – This area is part of Provence- Apes-Cote d’Azur region. Just before the border with Italy, we drove into the mountains/Alps. History, food, relaxed atmosphere of this charming village Sospel were stunning. But the best is that this area is home of Nicolas Vouilloz, French MTB downhill legend (I always preferred Shaun Palmer, even Nicolas is legend…)
  Sospel - charming village in Alpes Maritimes
  The views from mountain bike ride 
  Broken chain in the middle of nowhere.. adventure! 
  Hiking in Alpes Maritimes 
  Swimming stop 




  • Finale Ligure and Final Borgo – Italian Riviera (Liguria). White sandy beaches and the views give you a feeling that you are in the postcard. But we did not stay on the beach. It was July and summer in full swing, and we headed to the mountains. This area hosts final race of MTB enduro world series cup.  Wherever you go, you end up on a great flow mountain bike trail. Heaven! Mozzarella di bufala! 


  Mozzarella Siiii! Bon Giorno! 
  Start of the adventure
  Exploring the Finale mountains 
  Italian rivera... 
  Finale Ligure NATO Base - start of the best European mountain bike flow trails... 
  • Paganella, Molveno and Andalo – Dolomites, North Italy. Gina’s first ride with the lift. Here we really appreciated summer mountain climate and we were hiking (and biking – Willy Wonka flow trail oh!) between 1500 and 2000 meters. The views are just amazing; imposing rock faces and nature in its truest form, beautiful lake and many children parks high up in the mountains, beautiful trails and paths.


  On our campsite in Dolomites - on the farm! 
  2000 meters high!
  Adventure for the older ones.. 
  Our first gondola ride 
  The views.. 
  Gondola expert by now..
  Adventures for the small ones
  Molveno lake - Dolomites  
  Adventures for everyone 
  When I grow up I will be on YETI as well! 



  • Soll, Tyrol, Austria – this is where I used to work as a ski instructor long time ago… Charming Tyrolian village, many friends and mountains. Gina’s first proper hike and breakfast at a mountain hut! By this time, she was a proper mountain climber already! Great barbeques, farmer’s eggs and bacon, fresh milk, rivers, good food, beer. Tyrol is great and always will be! Servus. 


  Hiking on Wilder Kaiser in Tirol 
  Our guides (actually friends) 
  Brunch in the Kaiser 
  Hintersteiner see in Tyrol 
  Grill with friends and Stiegl bier! 
  Learning tyrolean - SERVUS!! 



  • Leogang Saalbach- Hinterglemm – Bike circus. Ultimate downhill, enduro and freeride madness. Lifts. The views. Over 70km of tails and 9 gondolas. This is where UCI Mountain Bike World Championship was held. 


  Leogang - great mountain biking!!! 



  • Lake Bled, Slovenia – after all those mountains we spent some time walking around lake Bled in Slovenia. Beautiful and tranquil. Gina had local soup and trout.  
  Lake Bled
  Sailor on Bled! 

This was first time we spent 20 days of summer in the mountains of Europe. It is a great alternative to busy overcrowded beaches, at least for us, who live by the sea. Traveling is fun! We all want to go again tomorrow! 



Van life is great!!!

  Business talk... 
  Dinner time :) 


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  • 20. Jan, 2021.

Traditional festive cakes recipes

Since the Xmas holidays are over, we decided to share few old traditional recipes for cakes and cookies we love to make at this time of the year. One of the most interesting inherited things from my grandma Nena (family Tartaglia, one of the oldest families in Split) were two notebooks with old recipes. They are more than 110 years old notebooks with all kinds of delicacies. From generation to generation, we prepare pretty much always the same cakes and I would like you to have a few of my favorite recipes.

There was no Christmas without Dates cake (and I don’t really know why we bake it only for Christmas). Very simple but very sweet…

  Traditional date cake


Dates cake

180 g dates
200 g almonds
80 g bitter chocolate, melted
9 whipped egg whites
1 vanilla sugar

Finely chop almonds and dates. Mix with chocolate and vanilla sugar. Slowly add eggwhites.
Bake on the low temperature till the crust is made on top.
When cold, coat the cake with apricot marmalade.


  Pandoleti recipe

Another simple recipe is for cookies Pandoleti, wonderful biscuits, dry type and crunchy, well known in every traditional Dalmatian house. They were prepared mainly for the holidays, birthdays, and weddings. It is also the dessert which was usually made to greet the guests as this fine cookie is really easy to make and can stand in a box for quite a long time.
The best thing about Pandoleti is that they are served with rakija (grappa). Simply dip the cookie in rakija (avoid rakija near kids J ).
If you are not a fan of rakija you can always serve it with coffee or tea.


4 eggs (divide white and yellow; whip eggwhite)
200 g sugar
200 g flour
100 g almonds
arancini – candied orange peel – as much as you have

Leave almonds and arancini in one piece (do not chop) and mix all ingredients together. Form rolls.
Bake 25 minutes/190C. Cut it while it is still hot.



As those previous 2 recipes are not for those on a restricted diet, we have another suggestion for a gluten-free cake. You can call this one a healthy natural power bar.

  Wallnut balls 

Dried figs and walnut balls


150 g walnut
150 g dried figs
1 squeezed orange juice
1 orange zest

Place the chopped dried figs and nuts, orange juice, and zest in a bowl. Mix well. If desired, you can even use a chopstick blender. Just a 3-4 times short zvrr, zvrr and that’s it! There will be small pieces to chew but we prefer it that way. If you want it all the more homogeneous chop more. Form small balls or bars.


Dobar tek!



  Bakina tekica
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