Safe Travels & New Adventures in 2021

As an adventure travel agency, Meridien Ten was always happy to simultaneously work and enjoy with people who share the same passion and way of living. The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic affected not only our work but our spirit and way of perceiving the world around us. The world has changed and so did we. Every change is an adventure and that's what keeps us going. We are all extremely cautious, circumspect, and informative, but yet we all thrive to socialize, travel, and relax. These are the things that will never change in this industry and this is why we want to act responsibly, with care and vigilance. The ways are different but our actual needs, every man's need will remain the same. 


Heading toward the season we’re recollecting our past experience and entering the new quest. As we always did. The reasons for the global change are unfortunate, but this is the way humans operate, learn, grow, make better decisions, and a better place for living. We’ve done it so many times and we are doing it again. We see the task of each of us as a responsible adaptation through our personal growth. And that includes support, connection, and getting together for a common cause - free and healthy life. 


We wish you all safe travels & new adventures in 2021.