Travel tips

Probably more than ever we are all thinking about what to bring on our trip. Travelling makes us excited for things we are longing to see and to do, and we want to make our trip perfectly organized and light as possible. Excitement is maybe even bigger due to the situation with Covid-19, but remember, it’s been a while but you’ve already done this. Also, the only thing you need extra is caution. We know this can also be a heavy load, so we decided to help you with that extra baggage.



If you’re ready for your 2021 adventure trip, open your suitcase and start in the order below. Of course, pay attention if you’re hiking or cycling, otherwise, it would be a bit inconvenient to cycle in your hiking boots or hike in your cycling shoes :)

So, here we go!



Tips for your trip


Cyclists! Unless you are traveling on your own, cycling equipment shouldn’t be heavy as the company will take care of the bike, pedals, helmets, luggage transfer, or storage, depending on if you are doing a guided or self-guided cycling tour, and whether or not you prefer to use your own equipment. 

Hikers, your packing includes a bit less of the equipment and the size of your suitcase, in the end, varies on the season.

Multi-adventurers, watch out, you’ll need to tap into each category!

Let’s pack!




  • cycling jerseys or synthetic/cotton t-shirt 2-3x

  • bike clothing/ padded shorts 2-3x

  • good quality biking shoes with socks or bike shoes with clips 

  • cycling gloves

  • waterproof socks (if biking in early spring or autumn)

  • cycling sunglasses



  • good quality walking shoes with socks 



  • waterproof and wind-resistant jacket and pants (1 set)

  • fleece jacket/vest

  • long and short sleeve t-shirts

  • sunglasses

  • small/day backpack

  • beach towel

  • 3x T-shirt

  • 3x shorts

  • swimsuit

  • sandals

  • dress shoes

  • casual dress clothing for dinners/evenings


Cyclists, if you are used to your seat, bring it and mount it on your bike; the same applies to your pedals (SPD, Look, or similar) and the helmet (bring yours or get one on your tour). Feeling comfortable is extremely important and if you feel at ease using your equipment make sure you take it with you. If biking in early spring or autumn, bring 1 pair of mittens & liners, and if you’re used t have a side mirror don’t forget that too!

Hikers - you love your walking sticks? Make some room for them also, luckily they fit easily.


You are ready to hike and cycle, but you still have to travel!




Don’t forget to pack other necessary items:


  • sports/energy drink mixes 

  • driving license 

  • medications

  • your travel tickets and passport (including a photocopy)

  • wallet with credit cards and cash 

  • travel insurance 

  • identification 

  • charger and travel power adapter 

  • insect repellent

  • sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, and other sun protection gear

  • contact lenses or eyeglasses (+ case)

  • toiletries (shampoo, soap, paste & toothbrush, razor & shaving cream...

  • first aid kit


In the end, there is always that one thing, maybe a book, an iPod, or a camera. Something that will cross your mind before you start packing, and probably after you think you’ve done everything. Remember there is that one thing that will enrich your memories. Pack it!

Feeling lighter? Well done. Check everything once more, close your bag or suitcase and focus on the fun side of your trip :)


Already reading your guidebook?


Sretan put!*


*Safe travels