About us

Our style and mission statement

Let us tell you a little bit about our philosophy, mission statement, ideas and us... 

Meridien Ten is based in Split, Croatia. We have been around for many years – it is the continuation of a fourth generation of family travel business tradition. Tours we provide are great alternative to traditional (bus or boat cruise) travel. We run sustainable, active and healthy travel. Healthy - meaning we are not creating huge impact on local community and in the same time provide our guests with the real insight of the local culture. It gives you a chance to taste, smell and fully discover the region you travel to.

What is it about Croatia that attracts more and more visitors who are looking for an activity while they are on holidays? Is Croatia going to become a new Tuscany, Provence, French Alps or maybe Burgundy?

Well, over here in Croatia we have it all: picturesque and quiet roads, beautiful islands ideal for Island hopping, ancient villages with laid back atmosphere, great cuisine, great local wines, proper climbs which can compare to Mt. Ventoux and much more.

Nowadays, in the modern travel, most of our tours are being called adventure or active tours.  

Our tours are oriented towards discovering and experiencing the region and all its parts in a unique and healthy way. The travellers can smell the flowers and herbs, taste the olive oil or other local products an old lady will offer you along the way, meet the fishermen and learn about life with and on the sea, pick some fresh grapes while cycling along the wine roads in September. These are some of the experiences one cannot get while traveling on a cruise ships or fully explore behind the wheel of a car or from the bus window. It is about being out there in the nature, in the rural areas or actually in the authentic and real areas. 

There is another, but very important note, maybe a fundamental one! Traveling is very important for modern-time people. It is not just a perfect getaway to a new and unknown. It is also a time when families, relatives and friends get together again, “recharge their batteries” and relax from their everyday duties. To be honest, we know that most of the adventure travel companies can book luxury hotels for you, organize special dinners and wine tastings, get you on the bike and guide you on the road. But can they provide personalized services tailored to the needs of each client?

The way Meridien Ten team sees travel business is quite simple – each of our guests has to be treated in the same way and in the way we would all like to be treated when on holidays in a new and unknown destination. Meridien Ten is striving to provide unique local experience, carefree holidays that recharge and refresh, and provide our travellers with memories from Croatia that will last forever and hopefully make a world a better place. Our philosophy is very simple, so we will describe it in a few, simple sentences.

Being travellers ourselves, we are here to show you the best Croatia has to offer, in a unique, local and authentic way. We at Meridien Ten love to spend time outdoors, we love nature and enjoy good food. Our passion was channelled through professional ways and now we make living out of it.

Being environmentally aware, we offer small group tours, thus minimizing the impact on locals and our nature, but at the same time maximizing local experience and satisfaction of our guests.

Simply said, our guests are treated as they are our friends and we are showing them the most beautiful and interesting parts of Croatia, in a professional and our way!

We do provide guided tours, self guided, semi supported and custom tours (which can be guided or self guided).