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Yacht charter and Yacht support

Yacht support

We specialize in support for yacht, small cruise ships, sailing boats and catamaran.

With professional and experienced local tour leaders and our dedicated office crew we do provide full yacht services, such as:

- Itinerary planning and logistics organisation – if you aren’t that familiar with Adriatic coast and you want to have best experience while visiting Croatia, we are here for you. We will prepare worry free itinerary for your visit and cover all logistics details from the day of your arrival all the way to your departure day. All hidden gems of Croatian islands will be at the palm of your hand.

- Van support and transfers – we provide Van support for your vacation and exclusive transfers at highest standard. Our services are available 24/7.

- Equipment rental – if you want to have active vacation, we can provide all types of bikes (road, hybrid, e-bike, MTB...), GPS, windsurf and kite surf equipment, SUP boards, kayak and similar gadgets. For each activity we can provide experienced guide/instructor that will help you with your 

- Culinary experience – taste of Croatia, we can make reservations for local restaurants which serve great Mediterranean food and visit to vineyards which produce best wines in this part of Europe

- Event planning - We can arrange everything for successful yacht party. From selecting DJs, music band, lighting, finger food, drinks, wines, champagne, bartenders, waiters, hostess, and the list goes on.

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