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General questions

We are developing and leading this kind of tours for 15+ years. Our company and team constantly seek to exceed customer’s expectations; in terms of our service and the service provided! This is our passion and our work, which we do on professional level. Most of us are from Croatia (slowly we are “spreading” to Italy, Slovenia and Spain/Mallorca) so does anyone know these areas better than ourselves?  Meridien Ten is striving to provide unique local experience, carefree holidays and provide our travellers with memories from Croatia that will last forever and hopefully make a world a better place. 

After we have discussed and confirmed type of the room and travel dates, we charge deposit fee as confirmation.  Options for the payment: We can send you the link for the online payment, you can make the bank transfer, or we can charge your CC. The rest of the payment should be done 30 days prior to tour start. 

No, but we highly suggest doing it. Our guided tours do intend to sell out as we do not publish many departures. For private and tailor-made guided tours (groups with more than 4 couples) we suggest finalizing details (confirming hotels and other logistics) by January of the year when the tour will be held. Why? Dalmatian islands are not huge and there is a limited availability of great hotels. They do get booked out around March (for the upcoming season). Similar rule can apply for the self guided trips, but still it is much easier to reserve and find 1 room than 5. 

Yes. We have more than 15 years of experience in accommodating various dietary restrictions. Most, if not all of the restaurants and accommodation providers in Croatia are aware of special dietary needs and pay special attention to this. 

Our tours do not include travel insurance. We can help to obtain one but based on our experience we suggest obtaining travel insurance in the country of origin. 
Bikes are not insured against theft or damage. It is possible to buy insurance in the amount of EUR 20,00 per bike and it covers 100% of cost of repairs in the case of minor damage to bike or damage or loss of accessories.
In the case of damage due to inappropriate handling, theft or loss of the bicycle, Meridien Ten will issue the invoice according to the price list. This cost will be charged within 7 days from the day damage has been done.

Bikes we provide (hybrid, road, tandem-bikes, children and mountain bikes) are equipped with spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, pump, rear rack (except on carbon road bikes), bottle holders, cycle computer and lock. Pedals that come with the bike are flat (platform) pedals. You are welcome to bring your own pedals (or rent from us LOOK or SPD pedals).  We recommend bringing your own helmet.  

Helmets are not obligatory to wear in Croatia. However, we HIGHLY suggest wearing one while riding. Besides safety protection it also provides sun protection and it can get hot during summer months in Croatia. Helmets are not included in the bike rental price and we provide them at additional fee. Our helmets have CE-EN 1078 standard and come in 3 different sizes: child, small/medium (52-58) and medium/large (58-62). 

In order to ride an e-bike you still need basic biking skills; you need to know how to ride, shift and break. E-bikes are heavier than normal bikes and this can cause problems for people who are not experienced cyclists. Before taking this choice (renting ebike) we suggest renting one at home so you can try it before and see how it feels. We can provide details of our ebikes so you can look for a similar ebike at home to try. 

Our fleet consist of 250 (and more) bikes. 
Hybrid and road bikes come in 9 different sizes (46,48,50,52,54,56,58,60 and 62) so we can cover guest heights from 145 cm to 210 cm. 
Our road tandems come in size LARGE (captain) and SMALL (stoker position). 
E-bikes in our fleet are available in sizes from 42 to 60 cm, meaning we can fit riders from 145 to 210 cm. 
Children bikes in our fleet are with 16”,20” and 24” wheels. We also provide tag along, child stroller and child bike seats for the small ones. 

Yes. We will help to mount them upon bike fitting.

All of our bikes (hybrid and road) have adjustable stems so we can do great fit to your body. Normally hybrid bikes have more upright position than road bikes. 

We carefully choose roads with low amount of traffic in order to provide maximum level of safety. Mostly we stay on the back roads and there is no shoulder. To be more precise, the roads on Dalmatian Islands are generally not busy. More traffic can be expected in the high tourist season (July and August). We cannot promise you that you will not see any truck on your tour but for certain they mainly use main roads. Our local people are used (or are getting used) to cyclists. The only time there is traffic on the islands is upon ferry arrival/departure, which lasts for about 20 minutes. Peljesac Peninsula has a bit more traffic (depending on time of the day and ferry schedule from Peljesac to Korcula/which departs every hour or so). Therefore, support on Peljesac peninsula for self guided and semi supported tours can be provided. 

Our tours are reviewed by our guests on our tripadvisor page. You can check our reviews page or go to tripadvisor site.  

No, it is not included but it can be organized at extra charge.

Yes – on our guided tours! Join the group. If you consider self guided tour, there might be another departure with same or similar logistics, and they might want to cycle along with you, but we cannot guarantee this. 

Our experienced local guides are leading and supporting our guided trips
On self guided and semi supported tour, you must navigate on your own, following our maps or GPS routes for your biking or hiking activities. You will have introductory meeting, briefing and bike fitting with our representative. On semi-supported tours some of the activities are being provided as a part of guided tour (sea kayak tours always). 

On our regular guided tours (non customized tours) there is always van following the group and usually at least 1 tour guide on bike. 
On Self guided tours, there is no van following you, but we do move your luggage from one accommodation to another.  You will be provided with information’s regarding taxi services on the island. In case you need assistance, we will help and organize the same one, but additional fees will occur for this service. 
Semi Supported tours have shuttle service included, usually only once per day and it needs to be communicated in advance. 

Guided tours
 (regular departures) can have up to 14 guests on tour. Usually group size is around 7-10 guests. 

Self Guided and Semi supported tours are usually individual tours, meaning there will be only 2 guests on these tours. However, we had groups of friends or families taking our self guided or semi supported tours and then there can be 8-10 or more guests on specific departure. 

Guided tours
  depart on certain date.  (Private departures at dates you request are possible, upon request.)
Self guided and semi supported tours can start any date you prefer, based on hotel availability 

On our guided tours you will have to leave with a group at certain time in the morning and (usually) respect a group activity (organized lunches or/and dinners, wine tastings, guided visits of historical towns and similar). 
Our self guided tours give you more freedom. You are able to choose when to leave from hotel, choose your own time for lunch or dinner, meaning you have much more flexibility for your daily routine. Please note, on self guided tours that include island hopping along the Dalmatian islands (2-3 islands) we do have some schedules which need to be respected, based on boat transfers (private boats and ferries). We are trying to provide as much flexibility as possible in regard to ferry and private boat connections. 
Semi supported tours have same daily routine as our self guided except guided activities (kayaking) have set departure times. 

On all of our tours breakfast is provided. 
Our (regular) guided tours will have most of the dinners and lunches included, which is your opportunity to try our local specialties. 
Self guided and semi supported tours do not have any of the lunches or dinners included in the tour price but have our suggestions for the various great restaurants, so you can choose your own based on our suggestions. 

Our guided tours have standardized accommodation level, usually 3* or 4* small family hotels, based in the historical parts of the towns. Private departures or custom tours can choose their own accommodation type. 

Self guided and semi supported tours have choice of guesthouse, 3*,4* or luxury accommodation options. 



To summarize;

Guided tour offer:

Guided tours don’t offer:

  • Small group travel on specific dates 
  • Local guides
  • Standardized accommodation level (except when on custom or private departures) 
  • Visit and guided tours of special, cultural and interesting sites  
  • Van support and luggage transfers  
  • Support and emergency services 24/7
  • Unique Croatian travel experience and immersion in local culture
  • Cycling at your own pace (usually it is group riding) 
  • Flexibility with type of accommodation (except when on custom or private guided tour)  
  • Your own travel dates (except when on custom or private guided tour)  



Self Guided tour offer:

Self Guided tours don’t offer:

  • You choose the dates of your travel
  • Guaranteed departures with only 2 guests 
  • Different hotels and guesthouses to fit every budget
  • Luggage transfers included
  • Support and emergency services 24/7
  • Full time guide
  • Full time van support 




Semi Supported tour offer: 

Semi Supported tours don’t offer:

  • You choose the dates of your travel
  • Guaranteed departures with only 2 guests 
  • Different hotels and guesthouses to fit every budget
  • Luggage transfers included
  • Support and emergency services 24/7
  • Guided tours when needed
  • Transfers when needed (pre-arranged) 
  • Full time guide
  • Full time van support (these tours are supported once (or more) per day at pre-arranged times, not during the whole day activity)




Guided tours

Each day we try to include activity (3-5hours per day, with breaks such as gelato or coffee stop, depending on the tour), cultural and gastro component. Each day we do include some down time, time when you can relax and do whatever you want. 

We have various tours with different levels of difficulty. On our (regular) bike tours there is always van support, carrying snacks, water and refreshment and tired cyclists, if needed. You can check our activity level page to see which tour suits you the best. On almost all days (if logistics permit) our guides will be happy to suggest or take you for a longer ride. 

Yes. We can provide tours at dates you prefer with different accommodations (luxury or moderate priced hotels, mega yacht or Gulet boat based tours), include various activities such as cultural visits to historical sites, stand up paddle or kayaking adventures, foodie tours, bike camps, incentive travel and much more. Please contact us ASAP for custom tour requests as we only have so many great guides and hotels have limited availability. 
We can provide private or customized trip for one person, but it will not be really cost-effective. Good size of a group starts with 6 participants. 

We have more than 15 years of experience in accommodating various dietary restrictions. 

After deposit has been paid, we will send a questionnaire (online form) where you will write us all details regarding your height, bike preference, dietary needs, emergency phone number and similar important information.  

Yes, e-bikes are available for our tours. There is additional fee for e-bikes.

There are few lunches and dinners included, depending on the specific tour. They are advised in our tour overview or website. We always to try to present local specialties, which can be served in exclusive Michelin star or family run restaurant. This means there is no set standard for our lunch or dinner locations, but we always go for the best choices in certain area which do present our local and authentic cuisine. Since we pre order food in advance we do take care of any special needs, restrictions or allergies. 

Our guides will be happy to change the tube and pump it at proper pressure. 

Our bikes are delivered on tours in perfect mechanical condition. If there is any mechanical issue our guides will fix the problem or contact our office which will provide replacement part or bike. In case mechanical issue happened to inappropriate handling we will charge the cost of repair

Yes, depending on your travel dates and our guides' availability we can offer a private tour.

Meridien Ten provides aluminium road and hybrid bikes, both types custom built by German bike manufacturer Müsing. We can also provide tandem bike by Cannondale and e-bikes by Cube (EUR 140,00/e-bike tour supplement). We are introducing slowly carbon road bikes with Shimano Di2 electronical shift and hydraulic disc brakes for those looking for top of the line road bike. All the bikes are equipped with spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, pump, rear rack(except carbon bikes), bottle holders, bike computer and lock. 

We do provide helmets but for the best fit and due to hygienic reasons, we suggest bringing your own.

Maximum number of participants is 14. Usually our groups are between 6 and 12. 

Self guided and semi supported tours

For navigation on our tours Meridien Ten provides maps which include detailed written directions for each day. For even better and easier navigation we highly suggest downloading RideWithGPS mobile phone app. We will connect you to our ridewithgps account, so you can download all the navigation tracks and maps on your mobile phone. Then you can enjoy guidance from this app in offline mode during the tour (no need for mobile phone data plan during navigation).

Yes, these tours can start any date you prefer.

Yes, all our self guided trips include luggage transfers. On the bike, you will only carry items you need for the day. This might be beach towel and bathing suit, camera, phone, snack and drinks. We do provide rear rack bags where you can pack your daily items and water bottle holders (as well as water bottles).


Yes, we offer the possibility of excluding luggage transfers from the tour price, please contact us for more information or mention this in your inquiry.

Normally we charge 50% of the total tour price to confirm the tour, and the rest of the amount is due 30 days before the tour start.

We're at your disposal 24/7 and will be available to assist you with any issue you might have during the tour. We do consider you can read maps with directions and are able to navigate in this mode. Additional support is provided with ridewithgps – offline navigation app, where our routes and maps are downloaded on your phone from where another guidance is provided. In our 15+ of work we did not have anyone who got lost.  

Our bikes always come with pump, 1 spare tube, puncture repair kit and tire levers so in case of the puncture you can use this kit and change the tube. If booking a self guided tour, we expect that you or someone from your group knows how to change a punctured tube. We had guests who had flat tires and did not know how to change them. We did organize help in these cases, but additional mechanic or transportation costs occurred. 

Our bikes are delivered to you in a perfect mechanical condition. Upon bike pick up you will do the test ride and make sure this is true in reality. In case of any mechanical issue during self guided tour we are available for help and support:  suggest or call bike repair shop or provide the repair service or replacement part/bike ourselves. Repair will be paid by the guest directly on the spot. If the mechanical issue happened due to failure of the bike mechanisms and not by improper handling, we do cover repair cost. We consider you or someone from your group should know how to do minor repairs, such as putting your bike chain back on.  

You are responsible for reaching your final destination of the day. In case you don’t want to ride in the rain, our information book includes taxi phone number which you can call. We can help to obtain transfer as well. Additional costs for this transfer will occur. Usually it is not raining for the whole day.

No, we only offer a tour package or bike rental only.

Yes, all our SG tour prices include bike rental. However, there is additional supplement for e-bike use.

Most of our e-bikes use bosh motor. The level of assistance will determine range of battery. You can also turn off the pedelec system and ride the bike without electric assist but please note these bikes are much heavier than our normal hybrid or road bikes. They will “roll” well on flat and downhill parts, but for the climbs you will need some assistance.  Our e-bike batteries are 400Wh and or more details about the range please check here: https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-assistant/  In simple words, these e-bikes can cover from 35 to 80 km, depending on the level of assistance. We do supply battery charger with our e-bikes and to fully charge the batter it takes 4-5h. So, if you stop for the lunch somewhere just connect the battery and add a bit of power to it. 

We do not provide carbon road bikes for self guided tours along the Dalmatian coast and islands due to various boat transportations. These carbon (fragile and light) bikes do get damaged (broken) easily. 

Yes. We will offer a discount on the tour price if you will use your bike but our bikes are great…

Yes, we can customise the tour for you. 

All the guesthouses have private bathroom, air-conditioning and Wifi. Normally it is 3* type of accommodation.  

Yes, for groups of 4 and more persons we offer 5% discount.

Yes. You will have all the freedom you are looking for. On the first day of the tour we will have briefing and bike fitting when we will explain all the logistics of the tour and afterwards you will be cycling on your own.  We provide all maps needed for the tour, ferry tickets, information about the places you will visit, dining suggestions etc. If you will need us for some reason during the tour you can always call us.

Breakfast is always included in the tour price. Lunches and dinners are excluded.  We will provide list of our recommendations for upon the tour start so you can choose the ones that suit you the best.

Estimate, yes. For lunch, if you choose 1 main meal and side dish (salad), beer or juice or bottle of water, expect to pay between EUR 18 and 30. Dinners with starter, main, dessert and 2 drinks will cost between EUR 25 and 50 or more (depending on the restaurant type)

Yes, all our accommodation providers can provide gluten free meals for breakfast. Most, if not all of the restaurants in Croatia are aware of special dietary needs and pay special attention to this. 

You can choose the same or different accommodation category, depending on your preferences and we will book the accommodations not too far from each other.

Most of the ferry rides last 1 hour. There is one ferry connection which last for 1h 45min. Please note these ferries are not being affected by the sea a lot. Ferries accept passengers, cars, and bikes – they are not small! In case we have really rough weather ferry rides will be cancelled. This mostly happens in the winter months (December, January). Speed boat transfer we use on our tours last from 45 min to 1h. On this boat you might feel the sea state a bit more, but again, in case of rough weather we will provide alternative transportation. Your safety is our priority. All of our Dalmatian coast and island tours include island hopping by ferry or boat. This is where the best scenery, routes and most authentic areas are! 

Roads on the islands are in very good condition and they won't be rougher than expected. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change bikes after the bike fitting and tour start.

There is no van following the group on self guided tours. However, we do move your luggage between accommodation. Upon tour start, we do provide information pack which has Taxi phone numbers. Also, we can help and organize transportation for you and the bikes if needed, where additional costs will apply.  
Van support is included on semi supported tours on more demanding cycling days and with prior agreement. 

We usually discuss the rides, difficulty and your fitness during briefing on Day 1 and then confirm support vehicles. Please note van support is not there for the whole day, but at certain spot and certain time where they will help with the climb or actually take you the whole way to your next destination. We usually try to confirm all of this during the briefing, but we are aware it is not an easy decision. Especially if you are fit. And we will stay in touch with you during the tour so if you decide for ride without support, but after 2 days change your mind, we will be able to adjust. The only request we have is to keep in mind that our local (island) providers/partners do not have unlimited number of vehicles or employees - that's why we try to confirm support ahead of time.

All accommodations have a secure place where to leave the bikes and they are used to our guests and the bikes.

Our roads are in very good condition and road bikes will be just fine. We have custom gear system (3x10 or 2x11) which is slightly easier than proper racing gear system (cassette and chainring) so we can say these are nice road touring bikes. On the road bike, with the road handlebars you will be in more racing positing than on our hybrids which are more upright. Besides more comfortable position on the hybrid bike, they are a bit heavier than our road bikes. Usually tires on the road bikes are 700x25 while hybrids have 700x32 tires. Both bike types we have adjustable stems so we can make necessary adjustments to fit them to your needs.

Snorkel gear will be provided on each kayaking tour, but after the tour it has to stay with kayaking equipment. We do have additional snorkel gear which you can take with you. We will send you packing list and of course recommend clothes and similar items needed for cycling and kayaking.