Travel in Croatia 2020 - Coronavirus update

Updates from Croatia to our guests

Last time updated: April 29th, 2020 


We want to keep you up to date on the state of Coronavirus in Croatia and the preventive actions we are taking regarding our operations. 
The Croatian government has implemented extensive physical distancing measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Since Croatia has very good numbers in fighting the pandemic (going down for a while and only 8 new cases on 28.04. in different regions of the country) the government began to ease the restrictions yesterday and new measures are expected each 7 days. 

Croatia has closed its borders to foreign nationals, with limited exceptions through May 17. If you are permitted entry, do note that as of March 12, 2020, any foreign nationals, including U.S. citizens, traveling to Croatia from narrowly defined COVID-19 affected areas are mandated to spend 14 days in official government quarantine facilities. Placement in quarantine is at the expense of the traveler. 

As the situation changes for better each day we hope quarantine will not be necessary in June or later. 

We believe that travel should be fun, safe and that it should bring together all citizens of this planet – us! Travel should not increase fear and anxiety, so our current mission is exactly this – let’s stand all together and let’s stop this pandemic virus!
Therefore, we ask if possible, to prioritize the postponement of your trip to a later date, rather than seeking a cancellation. 

We cannot predict how the situation is going to develop and the best thing we can do is to meet the challenge, communicate and adapt. In that sense our tours and cancellation policies are adjusted and are still subject to change.


At the moment our cancelation policy is following;


For tours in  May and June  2020 we can confirm following:

Option 1) Postpone my trip from 2020 to later date which will be confirmed once this outbreak settles. In order to stimulate travel for this option Meridien Ten will provide additional credit – please contact us directly for more info. 

Option 2) Postpone my trip from 2020 to an exact date in 2021 – with exact same price as in 2020 

Option 3) Cancel my trip 
Cancelation fees – in case you decide to cancel your trip completely following fees will be applied;

  • Up to 31 days prior commencement no cancelation fees 
  • 22 – 30 days prior commencement 50% of total amount/per person
  • 21 – 0 days prior commencement 100% of total amount/per person
  • No refunds are possible after the tour begins



For tours starting from July, 1st , 2020 

At the moment we are keeping our cancelation policies same as originally confirmed (regular cancelation policy and not special cancelation due to COVID-19)  but keep in mind we are closely monitoring the situation and will change our decision ASAP, based on global and national authorities as well as our local suppliers advice! 

We encourage you to check the current situation and share your thoughts by contacting us. 

Your Meridien Ten team